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Yakima Medical Supply

New location for Yakima Medical Supply

Howard’s Drug and Medical Supply is pleased to announce that after serving our community in the pharmacy since 1958 and serving the community in the medical supply since 2004, we will be opening a second location to serve the patients and customers of Yakima starting in July.

We quickly realized that one thing that set Howard’s customers apart from other stores is they wanted to interact with our employees.  They didn’t just stop by and pick up their supplies and move on.  They wanted to know the ins and outs of the medical supply item. They wanted to know what insurances covered and didn’t cover. What were the long term implications of choosing one item over the other? Our employees went the extra mile for all of our customers and this is why we eventually chose to move a second location into Yakima.

We proudly serve both Yakima Memorial and Yakima Regional Hospice so our hub will be closer to their main office. This new location will also be about 4-5 times larger than our Selah location.  When someone would come in a look at our one or two lift chairs we would tell them about the other ones in our warehouse.  In Yakima, we will be able to show twelve different lift chairs to all our customers because we want the customer to pick out the most perfect chair for themself.

Our first date we plan on opening is July 11th. In the meantime you may check our Facebook  page for updates, pictures, and videos.  Also, we would love any suggestions on what you would like from your medical supply store because we exist to make your life easier.


Erik Mickelson
Howard’s Medical