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Why Wear Compression Hose?

The benefits of wearing compression socks are widely known among people suffering from leg or foot problems, especially people with arthritis, diabetes, swelling of the legs, and anyone who stands all day long such as a pharmacist. However, they have benefits that everyone, including active individuals, can take advantage of. Circulation problems can arise as we get older – this is a natural part of the aging process. As one’s legs become weak, the veins and pathways inside the legs may stop working properly. One serious side effect of this is that the legs can begin circulating the same blood over and over, leading to painful health conditions that can escalate into more serious health conditions.

These socks are specially designed to aid in the circulation of the blood within the legs. Using compression therapy, circulation is boosted which brings much-needed nutrients and oxygenated blood into the legs and feet. Many people report their legs feel invigorated and free of the pain and weakness they have been experiencing. This is why today; you will even see professional athletes and marathoners wearing compression hose while they compete. Howard’s carries a complete line of compression hose and is available to answer any of your questions at 654-9899.