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Why All Wheelchairs are not Created Equal

During the last 20 years, enormous changes have been made in wheelchair design and construction. As I walk around Selah and Yakima, I often stop to talk to people in improperly fit wheelchairs. The sad part is people are not at all aware at the different options on the market and all-too-often settle for a chair that is too heavy or improperly fit. An improperly fit wheelchair can cause bruises, pressure ulcers, poor posture and other problems. Medicare understands this importance and will buy all of their wheelchair patients a nice basic back and cushion so you should never see a wheelchair without these two options, it would be like wearing shoes without socks.

Another thing to consider with a wheelchair is the patient’s diagnosis. A person may need a basic wheelchair today but we know because of their diagnosis that this is going to change in six-twelve months. We do our best job to always be thinking ahead. At Howard’s, we believe so strongly in the proper fitting of wheelchairs, we have two employees currently going through the highest grade of training to become ATP wheelchair technicians studying from some of the best physical and occupational therapists in the country. Give Howard’s a call at 654-9899 if you have any questions and we would be free to do a free in-home assessment or visit one of our two stores in Yakima or Selah to look at our wide variety of mobility options.