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When is a Lift Chair Needed?

Being able to safely and independently sit and stand is something that is taken for granted until it is lost. As we age, we can get to a point when we no longer have the strength to get up from a sitting position anymore because of a disease, illness, or just lack of strength. This increases the risk of falls and can make it much more difficult for a senior to get around. To accommodate for this, many seniors choose to spend most of their days confined in their chairs instead of asking for help from others. The lift chair is a home medical aid that is designed to make it easier that have a harder time getting up from a sitting position. At Howard’s we have over twelve different kind of lift chairs to choose from, we bill most insurances including Medicare, and even rent the chairs on a month-to-month basis if it is a short-term illness or you are not ready for a long-term commitment. Howard’s carries a complete line of lift chairs and is available to answer any of your questions at 654-9899.