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What is Hospice Care and Why Use It?

Today, many families often will wait too long to order home hospice care. Hospice is a form of palliative care for patients who are terminally ill. This means patients “who have a progressive, incurable illness that will end in death despite good treatment, and who are sick enough that you would not be surprised if they died within six months.” Howard’s currently works with both Memorial and Yakima Regional Hospice and can testify that their nurses truly care for their patients. Hospice uses a team approach of caregivers, physicians, nurses, and counselors to help with the patient’s pain and symptoms, the emotional and psychosocial and spiritual aspects of dying. Hospice also provides needed medications, and medical supplies and equipment. It coaches the family on how to care for the patients during this time of need. Howard’s works with two great hospices in the Yakima Valley (Regional and Memorial Hospice) and would be happy to pass on their information at 654-9899.