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Canes and Walking Sticks

Unfortunately, your doctor or loved one might not suggest you need a cane or walker until after you have a fall and have a scare. Canes are used to help you compensate for an injury or disability. The most common medical supply on the market today is the cane and at Howard’s we carry thirty kinds. We have different colors, folding canes, ergonomic canes, adjustable canes, acrylic canes with different styles of patterns and prints, derby canes, and canes with seats on them, you name it, and we probably have it and most are under $20.

One of the many benefits of using a can is you get to keep your independence. I will admit using a cane is a downside of aging but it is a whole lot better than falling down and possibly permanently your independence. People who use a walking aid stand up straighter and move with more and more control.

When sizing for a can, it is best to see your health care professional. The cane users should be wearing his/her normal shoes and be as upright as possible. His/her arms should hang at their sides with a normal bend at the elbow. If possible, have a second person place the cane upside down and the bottom portion of the cane should be even with the bend in the wrist. If you do not have a second person, you can use a tape measure to measure the bend of the wrist of a person to the floor to get the right length of a cane.

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