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The Most Dangerous Room in your House

Most people have no idea that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for seniors with over 80% of falls happening in the bathroom. Unfortunately, most people do not realize you can accommodate your entire bathroom for a little more than $100. With the addition of a bath seat, hand-held shower, and grab bar, this severely reduces the risk of falls in a slippery shower or bath tub. In addition, a raised toilet seat or toilet safety frame, can make it easier to get up from a seated position while in the bathroom. At Howard’s new Yakima location, we have a mock bathroom where you can see what a mobility friendly bathroom looks like today and what your options are including our new battery operated bath tub lift. Give Howard’s a call at 654-9899 if you have any questions and we would be free to do a free in-home assessment on what we might recommend might make your home more mobility friendly.