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The Importance of Mild Exercising

I often tell my patients who come into Howard’s for diabetic shoes about the importance of mild exercising with an off-handed joke, “if you don’t exercise, you will be in here getting a wheelchair from me eventually.” With our muscles, the term, “use it or lose it” is true. First, if you have not exercised in a while, talk to your doctor before starting any healthcare program, particularly if you have had any health problems. If you have mobility limitation, this does not mean you can no longer exercise. At Howard’s we have an item called the “Peddler” which allows someone to exercise their legs or arms from a seated position. Next we have therapeutic support bands and balls to help exercise portions of the body you might be rehabbing from surgery. Last, we also have found that by having someone ambulate with a cane or walker allows them to do more exercising. After you talk to your doctor, come see our mobility aides we have at Howard’s Medical.