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Building Block Nebulizers!

Lego Neb by AirialDo you hate trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables? I can only imagine in my family how much easier and more enjoyable dinner time would be if we did not have to go through this ordeal every night. Imagine if you have a young one who has asthma and has daily treatments with a nebulizer? I have good news and its . . . AWESOME!

Howard’s just received our first shipments of block nebulizers that kids can play with. We had a child in our store yesterday and he was excited for his asthma treatment because now he gets to play while taking his medication.

In addition to the starter set, we have two other nebulizer packs (one with pirates) and the pricing starts at $14.99 so if you are a mom or dad and have a little one who needs their nebulizer, go with the FUN way and try our new nebulizers. Also, if you are older, we won’t judge, you can get one too if you’d like!Pirate Series Neb

Last, nebulizers are covered under all insurance programs if you have a valid prescription and diagnosis.

Call us if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Erik at Howard’s


City Series Lego

Yakima’s air

If you have to have a nebulizer treatment, might as well have a cool looking fish or dog!
If you have to have a nebulizer treatment, might as well have a cool looking fish or dog!

Winter and springtime can be a really difficult time for people with respiratory problems in the Yakima Valley as the air goes from stagnation to being filled with pollen.  At Howard’s Medical, we come alongside doctors by offering home oximetry testing which tests one’s oxygen saturation level as well as heart rate which is a great respiratory screening tool.

It is mid-February and my family has each already had the flu.  Our doctor in Selah told us that the flu is pretty much epidemic in the valley right now unfortunately.

So what does this mean? If you unfortunately need a home nebulizer, you can pick these up at either or Selah or Yakima store.  If you can’t come, give us a call at 654-9899 and we offer deliveries anywhere in the Yakima Valley.

If your doctor does order an oximetry test, we have to have a valid prescription on file for this.  These tests are a wonderful diagnostic tool and really helps him/her figure out how much of a respiratory problem one person may have.

Last, we also offer home and portable nebulizer units which dispense prescription medication.  For super active patients, a portable nebulizer if great because a child with asthma can get a treatment before soccer practice in the car as an example. For other young kids, we have kid-centric nebulizer units like a doggie-neb.