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How to remain in your home independently

One of the biggest fears for those getting older is being forced to leave your home because you can no longer get around in it or you fall while in it. For those who are unstable on their feet, a cane is the most widely used assistive device in the United States. It can hold up to 25% of a person’s weight and may prevent falls. They are also very affordable and all insurances cover them. The walker is the next step up from a cane. Walkers were originally designed to be a rehab device but today they have added features such as wheels, seats, brakes, and convenient accessories such as baskets, trays, cup holders, and bags. As someone gets weaker, we strongly recommend using either a can or walker before a loved one has a fall and has to spend time in a nursing home. Give Howard’s a call at 654-9899 if you have any questions and we would be free to do a free in-home assessment on what we might recommend might make your home more mobility friendly.