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2015 Insurance Deductibles

One of the first things everyone should do in the new year is spend five minutes calling their insurance asking what the requirements are for any of your prescription medications, verifying that your pharmacy, doctors, and durable medical equipment providers such as Howard’s are in-network and going over your current year deductibles so you can plan your cash flow. Taking these five minutes at the beginning of the year can spare yourselves hours and sometimes hundreds of dollars in out-of-network charges.

In 2015 the Medicare deductible is $147.00.  Other insurances have different deductibles and you need to be aware of where your requirements are.  With the Affordable Care Act, we have seen deductibles as high as $12,000 for a family plan.  This means that an individual must pay out-of-pocket expenses of $12,000 before any insurance kicks in if you fall into this category.

One more thing is just because you have a deductible, the regular insurance requirements for an item (valid prescription and justifying chart notes) usually need to accompany the order. As an example, you need PAP supplies such as a mask, headgear and tubing, when you come to Howard’s you will still need a valid prescription before picking up these items.  Some insurances also require a valid sleep study as well!  If you are confused or have any questions, give our store a call and we will walk you through the process. One of the advantages of doing business locally in the Yakima Valley is we are here to help you and walk you through the process.  We are here to call your doctor’s office for you to help you get the right paperwork so you can get the supplies you need to have a healthy and happy year.

Happy New Year from Howard’s Medical where we are looking forward to having our family serve your family’s healthcare needs in 2015.