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The “Why” Behind Kittitas Medical

Howard’s Medical formally announced last week we are opening a third location in Ellensburg. I am a “why” person so this post will seek to explain why we are opening a new location. 

Two years ago, we would not have considered moving to the Kittitas Valley. There was a great respiratory supply company (KVH Home Respiratory) and KittitasMedicala great local pharmacy that provided other DME supplies (durable medical equipment) and billed Medicare. Both companies have since stopped providing these items, so as of June 1, 2015 there is not a single DME storefront location in Kittitas County.

Ellensburg is similar to Selah where Howard’s Medical begin in 2004. They are both small towns where getting to know individual customers and providing excellent customer service still really matters.

Why call our new store Kittitas Medical instead of Howard’s Medical? Howard’s is a local name well-known to Selah residents since the late 50’s and we want Kittitas Medical to mean the same to the residents of Kittitas Valley. We are not going to be “just another business” in town, we want to come alongside you, serve you and help maintain your independence in the home for as long as possible. We will be available for consultation, instruction, and a kind word to help out.

We have signed our lease at 800 South Pearl in Ellensburg across the street from the Rite Aid pharmacy. To the north of us is the DSHS building which houses Canyonview Physical Therapy, Memorial Services Clinic, Dr. Jeffrey Ventre’s monthly wheelchair clinic, Pinnacle Sleep Center, and monthly visits from Cascade Foot & Ankle and Yakima Urology. Across the street from us is the Super 1 Grocery store. Behind us is the medical practice Family Health Care of Ellensburg.

Our main goal is convenience for the residents of Kittitas Valley. We are currently waiting on a permit to partition out part of our store, and we plan on opening August 1, 2015. We will employ a full-time, in-store Team Lead as well as a full-time Delivery Technician for those customers who cannot make it into the retail location. Both of these team members have just been hired and we will be announcing them next week so stay tuned!

We are looking forward to serving your family this year. Our slogan is, “Our family serving your family’s health care’s needs.” We don’t take serving lightly, so let us know what we can do to help you be as independent as possible, both inside and outside your home.


Erik Mickelson and the rest of the team at Howard’s Medical and Kittitas Medical Supply


Howard’s Mission Statement

“To enhance the quality of life for the community of Central Washington by providing high quality home medical equipment and supplies with a compassionate touch.”

Instead of just posting our mission statement and throwing it on some of our literature, I thought I would share how we came to our statement because it is really at the core of who we are at Howard’s.

To enhance the quality of life—The home healthcare environment can sometime have a negative connotation. What we do and what it does is enhance life. We take lemons and make lemonade out of it.  Patients who used to be all but chair bound have the ability to get out of chairs they didn’t used to be able to because they have a lift chair to help them up. Grandparents who were all but confined to their homes can now watch their grandkids at sporting events with mobility devices such as scooters or walkers with seats.

The community of Central Washington—Everyone who works at Howard’s lives in Selah and Yakima and understands Selah and the Yakima Valley. Our Selah team leader lives in Selah. Our Yakima team leader lives in Yakima. Last week one of our vendors said, “You should start a medical supply in Seattle because you know what you are doing.” I/we have no aspirations to do anything on the west side of the mountains except vacation because we like the quality of life this valley has to offer. We take care of our community because they are our neighbors and one of the philosophies that drives us is doing to others as we would want them to do it to us. We are all about Central Washington!

High quality home medical equipment and supplies—It has been really hard to keep providing high quality home medical equipment when our insurances continue to drop our reimbursements year after year. We buy in large quantities to be able to pass on discounts to our customers. We also understand that if an item breaks because it is a lesser quality, it increases actual cost because our company stands behind our products so we buy higher end products than you will find drop-shipped on the internet. We are also after the lifetime customer which means we have equipment and supplies that I personally have used on my own family and stand behind.

With a compassionate touch—If we don’t offer compassion, we are just another store and what we are doing here is just a J-O-B.  Every person that walks into our store is someone’s mom, dad, son, daughter, or friend and we treat them that way.

As the team lead who started the medical supply over ten years ago, I stand behind our team of twenty-two team members. My cell phone number is on every delivery ticket, business card and receipt we give out. I’m not engulfed by phone calls because our team loves to take care of our customers 24-7-365 because our mission statement is not something we just made up, it is something we live.

Regards, Erik Mickelson