Come join our team in operations!

Looking to be part of an amazing team? We’d love to have you join Howard’s Medical!


● “To enhance the quality of life for the community of Central Washington by providing high-quality home medical equipment and supplies with a compassionate touch.”

Primary Responsibilities Include:
• Fixing and clean broken inventory
• Work hand-in-hand with other team members helping them with their jobs
• Help the outside of Howard’s look as great as possible
Secondary Responsibilities Include:
• Must have basic computer skills, determines the best method for fixing items
• Resolves patient complaints by identifying problems and coordinating appropriate corrective action
• Keep an orderly delivery vehicle, must be able to efficiently load and unload van and setup equipment in patient’s homes
• Must be prompt, courteous, and be able to emphasize customer-service making our customers fell they are the most important delivery you do every time
● Flexible (40 hours/week)

● Hourly $10-12/hr.  401k, and spiffs are available.
Once through the probationary period (3-months), other benefits are available too if you perform beyond company standards.
● Up to $30/month at a local gym reimbursement if you work out at least 12+ times a month. Other spiffs can be added to this list as well.


● Pass background and drug check prior to first day on the job.  Must be at-least 18-years old with high school degree.

• Must be flexible, dependable, maintain positive attitude, and have the ability to solve problems
• Will adhere to company manual and not use any illegal drugs, consume alcohol or smoke on the job, must pass complete background check
• Must be 18 years of age or older, pass background check and drug-test, and be able to lift at-least fifty pounds

Once you master your current tasks and job, you will be eligible for promotion within the company.  We have had three current team members start in this position and be promoted within our company. THIS IS NOT A DEAD-END-JOB!

***If you are interested in this job, please respond to our Craig’s List advertisement with a copy of your resume.  In the subject heading of the email, please change it to “Attn: Mr. Ferguson” this will let me know you are not a “bot”.  If you do not do this, we will not look at your application.  Once you do this, we will email you 6-8 email questions for you to answer and email back to us.  This helps us go through the hundred or so emails to see who we should interview.  Trust us, it is a fun exercise unless you don’t like to think.

Also, do not stop by our store and drop off your resume UNLESS you have current DME (durable medical equipment) experience in the last 36-months, then this okay. In these cases still submit your resume via email so we can email you back the questions. Last if you don’t have a resume, we are going to recommend you build one so you can apply to be part of an amazing team.***

If you missed the link, here it is again!