The addition of The Serta®’s perfect lift chair to Howard’s

We are excited to announce the addition of The Serta®’s perfect lift chair to Howard’s. It has unique features such as Serta®’s premium cool action memory foam, a softer seating surface, individually wrapped coil springs for a balanced seating experience as well as Pirelli® web backing that contours to the individual user’s back.

One the things that Pride did to make the chair more comfortable is add the gel to both the seat and arms of the lift chair. What this gel does is the moment you sit down, it contours to your body reducing pressure points that a typical user in a normal chair may experience.

This chair is designed for multiple customers but the two that have enjoyed it the most are our lift chair customers who spend numerous hours per day in their chair, especially those that nap in the chair on a consistent basis. The second kind of customer who loves this chair is the customer who appreciates higher end items.  We carry both good, better and the best kinds of lift chairs in our store and the Serta® chair would fall under the best category.  Pride has not spared expence in crafting the back, seat, and arms of the chair.

The Serta®’s perfect lift chair is so comfortable; you’ll feel the difference the moment you sit down.  Try out the Serta difference at our Yakima showroom on north 16thave. any week-day until 6pm and Saturdays until 3pm.