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Diabetic Shoes From Howard's Medical Supply

Yakima Diabetic Shoes

Howard's has carried diabetic and therapeutic shoes since 2004 so we are not one of those fly-by-night companies that have come and gone. We are also the only medical supply that supplies shoes here in the Yakima Valley. Several years ago we switched to Dr. Comfort shoes. We chose their brand of shoes because they offer a six-month warranty on all of their shoes. That is right a FULL six-month warranty on their shoes. This means you can wear their shoes for a full-month and if you change your mind and want a different size, width, or even color you can exchange your shoe at any time and at no cost to you or Howard's! When we heard of their policy, we knew that Howard's and Dr. Comfort was a perfect fit (pun intended) because their company philosophy matched our company philosophy.

Each pair of diabetic shoes comes with three pairs of inserts. The diabetic inserts need to be changed once ever three months for maximum benefit. Many people forget that it is the inserts that do the real job of protecting the diabetic foot from foot ulcers. It is these ulcers that can lead to amputations and even death so it is imperative that if one is diagnosed with diabetes that this person take care of their feet.

We like to remind our patients that unlike when they were children and got a nick on their feet that would heal in a matter of days. If a diabetic patient who has a compromised circulation in their feet, these wounds need a lot more time and usually medical care to heal. If you have diabetes and have any sort of wound on your feet and it takes more than a few days to heal or it gets worse, contact your physician immediately!

We have a staff of four team members at Howard's who have been certified in the fitting of diabetic shoes. We are also trained to do custom inserts if your physician feels that the standard heat-molded insert is not stufficient. Last, we have our own documentation person who specializes in diabetic shoes. The documentation requirement is why the rest of the stores in Yakima no longer do diabetic shoes. Our documentation team follows up with your provider to make sure the prescription, CMN (certificate of medical necessity), chart notes from the doctor and Howard's meet CMS (Medicare) standards so you get your shoes paid for.

To see a complete catalogue of what Dr. Comfort has to offer in footwear, visit their website at: https://www.drcomfort.com/our-footwear

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